Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Emily's Craft Corner

Some of the things I have been doing lately. My sisters and I have had a lot of fun making hair accessories for our girls. You just need a few flowers (from the dollar store), some ribbon, clips, a little bling maybe some buttons and a glue gun. They are very fun for Little girls. Most of the accessories you see Eden wearing in the photos are made by me.


Brooke said...

Emily...You probably don't remember me...I work with Clint. Your bows are so darling! I have always wanted to learn how to do those. I am totally jealous of your talent.

bonzoodles said...

Hi Emily,

You might not know me but I am Dayne's wife. Dayne must have added Clint to our page. I just had to say how amazing your bows are. I am pregnant with a girl and NEED to figure out how to do this. They are so cute.