Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Eden went trick or treating with her friends at childcare yesterday. Doesn't she make the cutest bunny. Eden's First Halloween has been a lot of fun.
Today for Halloween Eden is wearing her bat shirt. I got the rinestone decale at Joanns for 1.00 and ironed it onto her onsie. Isn't she a sweetie.


Tiff said...

Eden is so adorable! She looks so cute in her costume. And you are still as crafty as ever. You need to come to my place and help me decorate! Hey remember our Peter Pan halloween?! Oh the good old days! Have a happy halloween!

nell's news said...

Eden is the cutest bunny ever!!!!

4webbsontheweb said...

That Eden is a sweetie! She looked so cute in that bunny costume! It's so fun to dress up a cute baby on Halloween! Did you make your yummy soup in a pumkin this year? I hope so.