Thursday, May 14, 2009

I heart Applique

These are a few of the applique quilts that I have made. I really enjoy the process of cutting all the little bits of fabric and applying the fusible web. Then sewing around all of the little pieces. These three quilts began with a few flower designs that I found on the internet. Then I designed each layout on graph paper and adjusted the flowers to be just like I wanted them. I especially love the first quilt pictured. It is the one I made for Eden. I got the inspiration from a quilt in Pottery Barn. If you know me at all you know that I want the Pottery Barn look with out the price tag. I think that I accomplished the look and I like my color scheme even better than the over priced Pottery Barn one. If you want to see more awesome applique check out


4webbsontheweb said...

I love the quilts! They are adorable! Wow you are good!

Melody and David said...

Very cute-you are talented!

Brittney said...

I am so impressed with your quilts! They are adorable- you have an amazing skill. I always want to make quilts that look like that- but for some reason they never turn out. So congrats- they are beautiful.

and I so agree about Pottery Barn- I too like the look not the price.