Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Projects

I made a list of things that I want to accomplish while I am home for the summer. I wanted to do a project per week, but trips and things have sort of gotten in the way of that. I have altered my plan to work on something daily so i can get as many projects done as I can. Here are some of my summer projects so far. I love how they turned out.
Project #1
Half bath cabinets

This is the before.

And this is after. I love them.

Project #2
Is our small pantry or shelves in the kitchen

Here is the mess before. WOW!!

And this is how it looks now.
I could look at it for days.
I primed and painted all of the shelves you notice
the old brown color in the before.
Now it is bright white and clean. On the top shelf I
got baskets from Dollar Tree
made labels using my silhouette machine.
I also cut some lettering out of vinyl.
Here is a close up of the baskets.

They will help us stay organized. I think it turned out great.
The colors go really well in my kitchen. I wasn't sure the dollar store
was going to have what I needed for this project.
Why would I doubt they always pull through.
With a little creativity you can decorate and get organized on a budget.

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Laura said...

Now come do my apartment... lol, jk! I love the remodels and organization! Those baskets are way cute!